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    1. While every effort will be made to sell your property without involving a buyer's agent/broker (co-operating brokerage), it is not guaranteed that there will be no buyer's agent involved showing and selling your property.
    2. Efforts will be made to create a great deal of exposure of your property by taking advantages on the power of digital marketing online along side with all the traditional method such as MLS posting, Signs, existing client database and open houses
    3. 1% commission is for the listing agent/brokerage to list the propety for sale on MLS, but the total commission will not be not less than 3.25%, where Kazi Hossain (Right At Home Realty) will be offering the co-operating agent/broker at least 2.25% commission to sell your property, if a buyer agent/broker (co-operating brokerage) is involved in the process.
    4. If Kazi Hossain (Right At Home Realty) is able to sell your property alone through digital and traditional marketing, without involving any buyer's agent/broker (co-operating brokerage), the total commission the seller(s) has to pay is only 1% + HST
    5. The listing agent/brokerage (Kazi Hossain, Right At Home Realty) will be responsible for the cost of virtual tour and photos of the property, any yard signs and flyer for open houses
    6. If a home staging is needed and the seller(s) are willing to, the staging cost will be paid by the seller directly to the staging company. Kazi Hossain (Right At Home Realty) is not responsible for any home staging cost.
    7. All commisssions are subject to HST.